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MarsBoard AM335X, Flexible Designed Development Board Powered by TI AM335X


The MarsBoard AM335X is a flexible designed development board powered by the TI Cortex-A8 processor AM335X. It consists of CM-AM335X and SIM-AM335X, both of which are in pretty cool BLACK color.

The CM-AM335 is a CPU module based on AM335X, features 512MB DDR3, 4GB Nand Flash, power management chip TPS65910, Ethernet PHY LAN8710A, and all the unused pins of AM335X are accessible on the two 2 x 50PIN expansion headers.

The SIM-AM335X is a base board/evaluation board designed for the CPU module, features TDA19988 HDMI Transmitter, CP2102 USB TO UART converter, HDMI interface, 10/100M Ethernet, USB-DEBUG, USB-OTG, USB-HOST, and TF card slot.

MarsBoard AM335X supports multi operating systems, provides an easy way for rapid product prototyping. What's more, the CPU module is separable and can be integrated into final product directly, this will greatly save your product development time.

MarsBoard AM335X Vs. BB Black

CompareMarsBoard AM335XBB Black
CPU AM3358 ARM Cortex™-A8@1GHz
Memory 512MB DDR3
Storage 4GB eMMC
Ethernet 10M/100M
Extension port Supports related extension board
System Android, Angstrom, Debian, Ubuntu
HDMI spec. Type A (supports audio output) Micro (supports audio output)
Power management TPS65910 TPS65217
Backup battery Button battery included N/A
Serial debug Integrates CP2102 USB TO UART (easy for debugging) N/A (external serial module is required)
Form CPU module + Base board (suit for study & prototyping, the CPU module can be integrated into final product directly) All-in-one (suit for study & evaluation)

What's on the Base Board

SIM-AM335X on board resource

  1. HDMI type A interface

  2. TDA19988 HDMI converter


  4. JTAG interface (not soldered)

  5. TF card slot (bottom side)

  6. User LED

  7. Power indicator

  8. POWER button

  9. RESET button (bottom side)

  10. 5V/2A power jack

  11. 10M/100M Ethernet connector


  13. USB DEBUG indicator

  14. USB OTG

  15. Boot selection

  16. Battery holder

  17. CM-AM335X interface

  18. Expansion pin headers

What's on the CM-AM335X

CM-AM335X on board resource

  1. TI AM335X

    • 1-GHz Sitara? ARM??Cortex?-A8 32-Bit?RISC Processor

    • NEON? SIMD Coprocessor

    • SGX530 3D Graphics Engine

    • Programmable Real-Time Unit Subsystem

    • 32KB of L1 Instruction and 32KB of Data Cache?With Single-Error Detection (Parity)

    • 256KB of L2 Cache With Error Correcting Code?(ECC)

  2. 512MB DDR3 SDRAM

  3. 4GB eMMC Flash

  4. TPS65910 power management chip

  5. Power indicator

  6. LAN8710A 10M/100M Ethernet PHY

  7. Expansion headers : Two 2 x 50PIN, 1.27mm pitch


CPU Module CM-AM335X

CPU Module CM-AM335X

Base Board SIM-AM335X

Base Board SIM-AM335X

Connecting the CM-AM335X and SIM-AM335X

Connecting the CM-AM335X and SIM-AM335X

Development Resources

Wiki :


CM-AM335X dimensions
SIM-AM335X dimensions

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    The P+P was reasonable and item prices excellent.
    Will certainly use your service again in the near future.


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    Tested, Working Great

    International Rectifier/IR IRFZ44NPBF,Infineon Technologies IRF3205PBF,International Rectifier/IR IRFB38N20DPBF,International Rectifier/IR IRFP064NPBF,International Rectifier/IR IRF1404PBF,Infineon Technologies IRF640NPBF,International Rectifier/IR IRF1010EPBF,JRC NJM4580D-#ZZZB

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