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Latest Video

2018-06-21 Update

Three types of front panels

Author: HAM Radio Channel

3 cool ideas of mounting racks to the front board, you can have a try or you may have a better idea for that, all the part can be found on

Tag: DIY

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2018-06-20 Update

Making your own AIY Voice kit | Google Assistant on Raspberry pi as fast as possible

Author: techiesms

In this video, showed how to can Google Assistant on your Raspberry Pi 3B board just like we have in our AIY Voice Kit by Google. This dideo have shown each and every step required to build this project.

Tag: Raspberry Pi Google Assistant

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2018-06-06 Update

7" TouchScreen HDMI дисплей WaveShare от Utsource

Author: Паяльник TV

В данном видеообзоре представлен 7-дюймовый IPS дисплей с разрешением 1024*600, емкостным тачскрином и HDMI входом производства WaveShare. В обзоре рассмотрена настройка и подключение дисплея к ноутбуку под управлением OS Windows 8, а так же к Raspberry Pi 2B под управлением OS Ubuntu mate и Raspbian. 6466286


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2018-05-31 Update

Homemade a wireless steering wheel

Author: Chinked-Out Studio

Play racing game by using a homemade a wireless steering wheel. It is so simple, all the parts are listed in the video, prepare it and have a try.

Tag: DIY Wireless steering

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2018-05-31 Update

LED Marquee Tutorial for Electronic Starters

Author: Chinked-Out Studio.

Here is LED Marquee Tutorial, the display effects were shown at the beginning of the video, you can make a more fantastic marquee by following the process.

Tag: Electronic Starters DIY LED Marquee Tutorial

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