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2018-08-10 Update

What is IPM?

Author: Utsource

IPM is a similar module with IGBT, in this video we introduces different types and features of IPM. Hope you all can learn something from it. Check more IPM products from utsource:

Tag: ?IPM Module

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2018-08-03 Update

What is IGBT?

Author: Utsource

This is a video we produced to simply introduce what is igbt for those electronic beginners. Hope you all can learn something from it. Check more igbt products from utsource:


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2018-08-01 Update

100+100 Watts Stereo Amplifier Board DIY Toshiba 2SC5200 Transistor ( Hindi ) ELECTRO INDIA

Author: Electro India

Do you want to DIY a PCB by yourself? it is really amazing and funny, I will show you how to make a PCB in this video, and we will make a 100+100 Watts Stereo Amplifier Board with Toshiba 2SC5200 Transistor.The components list that I bought:123826586117986118065243626524342652434179299467929953

Tag: DIY Amplifier Board 2SC5200

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2018-08-01 Update

Home Automation based on Local MQTT server using Raspberry Pi and NodeMCUBoard | ESP8266 Projects

Author: techiesms

This video shows how you can turn your Rapsberry pi 3B board as a Local MQTT server and using that we can control our home appliances and monitor multiple sensors locally on our smart phone.Buy electronic components from utsource online store: https://www.utsource.net6471448

Tag: Raspberry Pi NodeMCUBoard ESP8266

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2018-06-29 Update

Сериал 2--Сборка заказанных плат из Китая + компонентов "в одном месте"


Я точно знаю и сталкивался с браком при покупке компонентов в Китае на Алиэкспресс, поэтому решил собрать полученный набор чтобы убедится что всё работает. Как оказалось проблем нет. ATMEGA8L программируется и отлично работает, 78L05M выдает положенные 5В, драйвер MBI5026GP тоже без проблем отрабатывают все свои функции. 735320522354410649664945466490620Заказ печатных плат -

Tag: Печатные платы Компонент

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