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AOC with Lower Operational Costs

AOC with Lower Operational Costs

Author:Utoptical Date: 10/12/2018

AOC with Lower Operational Costs


Introduction of AOC

AOC cable uses optical transceivers convert electrical data signals into blinking laser light which is then transmitted over an optical fiber. Optical transceivers have an optical connector to disconnect the fiber from the transceiver. AOC bonds the fiber connection inside the transceiver end.


Since the optics is contained inside the cable, designers can interoperate with other vendors without complying with IEEE or IBTA industry standards. As a result, customers can choose the technology with the lowest cost and the best performance. Please refer to the following:

1.Lower priced optical interconnect :less than optical transceivers

2.Plug and play: It is easy to use plug and play features  

3.Long distance: 100- 200meters distance due to the technology

4.Lower optical power consumption: It can save operating expenses

5.No optical connectors to clean and maintain:more reliable and easy to operate

6.A technical advantage of getting electrical systems :isolated from ground loops


AOC with Lower Operational Costs

1.AOC does not need to clean optical connectors manually when removed ,because a dust inside the connector can fully block fiber light transmission area, there are two fiber ends and two transceiver ends to clean in a transceiver link. Apart from it, the personnel cost the connector cleaners can go for a higher price on the market.


2.AOC doesn’t carry on MPO optical connectors in complex racks, it might be fallen down and the fiber end might be scratched to make them useless.


3.Optical connectors can direct electrostatic charge through long plastic cables and can damage sensitive optical transceiver electronics.


4.AOC is a “plug & play” cable solution instead of a “plug, assemble , clean” solution of optical transceivers. There exist some difference and complicated product variances among optical transceivers, fibers as well as connectors. All of them must be exactly matched to the related transceivers and spares kept ,besides, a technician should be trained in the specifications.


5.AOC cable has small bend radius for easy installment, this makes them easier to deploy and frees up a lot of space for increasing air flow cooling in crowded systems.


6.AOC cable is less complex than optical transceivers and offer lower power consumption. One Watt can bel translated to 3-5 Watts at the data center facility level. AOC saves big operational power cost , all the chassis, rows, rooms , facility fans and air conditioning equipments are included along with the electrical power to drive them.


Where can Active Optical Cable be used?

Active optical cable is widely used in many fields ,there are some typical applications for AOC cable below:


1.Infiniband QDR, DDR and SDR interconnects;


2.Hubs, switches, routers, servers;


3.Fiber Channel compatible interconnect;


4.0G and 40G interconnects;


5.0G and 40G telecom connections;


6.Ethernet 10G, 40G;


7.Data centers,Data aggregation, backplane and proprietary density applications



AOC cable has become very popular in storage subsystems and still have a broad prospect in the future,AOC uses two optical transceivers with integrated fiber,which offers lower operational costs.The power and cost savings caught the eye of the Ethernet hyper scale and enterprise data center builders and has since become a popular way to link Top-of-Rack switches upwards to aggregation layer switches like End-of-Row and leaf switches. Apart from it ,several companies have publically stated that they prefer to use of AOCs for linking Top-of-Rack switches.


If you are interested in UTOPTICAL full range of optical transceivers & cables ,please visit :UTOPTICAL Online Store.

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