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Q&A for 40G fiber optics

Q&A for 40G fiber optics

Author:Utoptical Date: 10/25/2018

Q&A for 40G fiber optics


A lot of the largest data centers has already migrated to 40GbE, which are designed out of 4 parallel 10Gb/s links between the Ethernet chip and the QSFP pluggable. Even though the migration path from 10G to 40G to 100G need more ports and high cost, 40GbE is expected to be remain and will not be impacted in the near future.this article will focus on Q&A for 40G fiber optics.


Q. what is the 40GbE maximum supported transmission distance?

A. IEEE 40GBASE-X standard is described as follows:

 40GBASE-SR4 supports up to 100m on OM3, and 150m on OM4.

 40GBASE-LR4 supports up to 10km on SMF (same fiber used for 10G single mode


 40GBASE-CR4 supports up to 7m. The maximum is a limitation of the copper technology,

and may not be realistic in all environments.

 40GBASE-KR4 specifies up to 1m for backplane technology and is designed for server blade systems running 40GbE over a backplane.


Q. Can 40G-LR4 optical modules be split into 4x10G connections?

A. No, 40G-LR4 module can not be split into 4x10G. The 40GBASE-LR4 uses 4 lambda (or wavelength) on a pair of single-mode fibers, and it doesn't automatically divide itself into 4 pairs, unless the wavelength can be split. The uniqueness of 40GBASE-SR4 lies in its use of parallel optical fibers and allows simultaneous use of 4 pairs of parallel optical fibers. As an alternative single mode parallel 40G optics are available (40G-PLRL4 and 40G-PLR4) that do allow for splitting into 4x10G (single mode). Each of these optics is fully compatible with 10GBASE-LR and 10G-LRL up to the maximum distance of each optic, and use single mode MTP-12 ribbon fibers.


Q. What is the standard transmission performance of 40GbE PLR4?

A. 40G parallel LR4 (PLR4) 10GBASE-LR and 10GBASE-LRL, the transmission distance is 10km (or 1km) on single mode fiber. In addition the PLR4 optic can support 4 individual 10G-LR connections using a 4x10G mode and fiber breakout cables or cassettes for single mode fiber.


Q. What is the standard transmission performance of 40GbE PLRL4?

A. 40G parallel LR4 Lite (PLRL4) 10GBASE-LRL standard, the transmission distance is 1KM when using single-mode fiber. In addition, 40GbE PLRL4 optic connect the branch cables or single mode fiber boxes by using the 4x10G mode, can support 4 independent 10G-LR connections.


Q. What cable types are needed for the PLRL4 and PLR4 transceivers?

A. PLR4 and PLRL4 use a 12 core MTP fiber connector, and require a APC single-mode 12 core MTP fiber. The fiber is equivalent to a 40G-SR4 MTP-MTP, the only change is the former uses single-mode optical fibers. UPC optical connector is another type of 12 core MTP connector, but it is not suitable for single-mode optical fiber. APC is the only viable choice for single-mode 12 core MTP fibers.


Q. What is the specification for the QSFP+ to QSFP+ cable?

A. A regular MTP-12 to MTP-12 cable as shown below is also used for direct 40G to 40G connections. At the MTP ends there are 12 fibers (an MTP-12), and two guide pins (or sockets)



Knowing the information about 40G optical transceiver module is essential for you to deploy 40G Ethernet. Utoptical 40GBASE QSFP+ solution offers customers a wide variety of high-density and low-power 40 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity options as well as provides a full range of optical transceivers to meet the needs of various optical fiber type and distance.


If you are interested in UTOPTICAL full range of optical transceivers & cables ,please visit :UTOPTICAL Online Store.

Cisco QSFP-40G-LR4 Compatible QSFP-LR4-40G 1310nm 10km DOM Transceiver







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