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Main 40G and 100G Optic types

Main 40G and 100G Optic types

Author:Utoptical Date: 09/30/2018

Main 40G and 100G Optic types


The increasing bandwidth demands facing data centers are paving the way for the introduction of 40Gb/s and 100Gb/s Ethernet operations, you begin to think about the future of your network ,users are still relatively isolated but continue to increase ,as network operators need the highest data rates over a single connection, understanding all the 40GbE and 100GbE optical components may be confusing. This article will focus on main 40GbE and 100GbE optics types.


Module Types (QSFP and CFP)

QSFP package optical transceivers are the primary way of delivering 40GbE and are in 100GbE-capable form. which either MPO connectors for multi-mode optics or LC connectors for single-mode optics.


CFP package optical transceivers are available in 40GbE and 100GbE varieties. which use MPO connectors for multi-mode optics or SC connectors for single-mode optics.


Many 40GbE ports are able to operate in a 4x 10GbE mode and enable easy 10GbE/40GbE mixed media deployments. These ports can supply the option of ultra-high 10GbE port density as well, For QSFP-based systems, it can use either a special direct attach cable with 1x QSFP on one end and 4x SFP+ on the other end, or an SR4 optic with a custom MPO to 8x LC cable.


Multimode optical transceivers (40GBase-SR4 and 100GBase-SR4)

40GBase-SR4 optical transceivers use a single MPO ribbon cable for both transmit and receive, as SR4 uses 4 strands for transmit and 4 strands for receive. Maximum distance depends on the type of multimode fiber used.


100GBase-SR4 optical transceivers use 4 fibers for transmit and 4 for receive, with each lane providing 25Gbps of throughput. 100GBase-SR4, like 40GBase-SR4, uses a 12 fiber MPO cable with 4 strands for transmit and 4 for receive and enables existing 40GBase-SR4 fiber assemblies to be reused when higher performance is needed.


Single-mode Optical transceivers(40GBase-LR4 and 100GBase-LR4)

40GBase-LR4 optical transceivers use the same multi-lane technology as SR4 optics, with one exception. Instead of using a single fiber strand for each lane, WDM technology is used to multiplex all four transmit lanes into one strand of fiber and all four receive lanes into another single strand of fiber, allowing any existing single-mode fiber installation to be used. therefore, standard LC (for QSFP modules) or SC (for CFP modules) connections are used, allowing for an easy upgrade from a 10GbE connection.



Existing multi-mode optical transceivers specifications for 40GbE and 100GbE optics use multiple 10Gbps lasers, transmitting across multiple fiber strands to achieve high data rates. 40GbE and 100GbE multi-mode optical transceivers use MPO or MTP cabling due to the multi-lane nature of these optics. An MPO/MTP cable has 12 separate strands of multi-mode fiber in a single ribbon cable. As with 10GbE optics over multi-mode fiber, an OM3 or OM4 MMF is needed to be able to cover longer distances (up to 150m).


Like 40GBase-LR4, the 100GBase-LR4 is a multilane optic. However, each lane's data rate is increased to 25Gbps to achieve the full 100Gbps data rate. As with 10GbE optics, there are direct attach copper cables available for 40GbE and 100GbE optics when short distance (within the same rack) cabling runs are all that are needed.


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Cisco QSFP-40G-LR4 Compatible QSFP-LR4-40G 1310nm 10km DOM Transceiver







Cisco QSFP-100G-LR4-S Compatible QSFP28-LR4-100G 1310nm 10km DOM Transceiver







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