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DIY a distance sensing anti-myopia glass

DIY a distance sensing anti-myopia glass

Author:Geekfans Date: 08/10/2018

Glasses (or glasses frames), miniature distance sensors, lithium batteries in mobile phone, one booster board, one universal charge, one micro LED, and the necessary basic materials: fine wires, super glue, multimeter, etc.

Step 1: Fix the lithium battery
Fix the lithium battery to the universal charger with super glue.


Step 2: Adjust to the appropriate voltage
Connect the battery to the booster board with a wire and adjust the booster board to get the proper voltage. (Rated voltage of the distance sensor)


Step 3: Install the distance sensor
Install the distance sensor and connect the LED indicator (the operating voltage of the LED must be the same as the rated voltage of the sensor).


Step 4: Adjust the sensor distance
Adjust the distance sensor (The distance is generally 30CM).

Step 5: Fix the sensor on the glasses frames
Be careful not to block the signal source and install it properly.


Step 6: Beautify
Put the device in a plastic case or a bag.


Step 7: Show how it work
1. When the reader is closer to the book, the indicator light will shoot a small beam of light onto the book to remind the reader to adjust the sitting position.
2. After the reader adjusts the sitting position, the indicator light is off, so it can help to prevent myopia.



Source From: Geekfans
Translated By: Utsource

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