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DIY Solar USB Charger

DIY Solar USB Charger

Author: Date: 07/12/2018

When you are outdoors, what if your mobile phone or MP3 just needs to be charged? Come to make a solar charger, no matter where you are, the sun will always rise.


Step 1 Materials preparation

For solar panels, I used 2 pieces (3V).

5V pressure regulator

USB female connector

Insulated wire

Electric soldering iron

Epoxy or hot melt

After the components are ready, you need to check the front and back side of the USB cable and pressure regulator. The regulator guarantees an output of 5V.

I need to make 5 to 6V to charge my phone.


Step 2 Solar panel in series

Usually the computer can output 5.5V to charge the phone or mp3. All I connected two 3V solar panels in series to get 6V.


Step 3 Soldering other components

The positive line of the solar panel is connected to the LEFT pin of the regulator.

The negative terminal of the panel is connected to the pin in the middle of the regulator and connected to the right pin of the USB connector.

Then connect the remaining leg of the regulator to the other side of the USB connector. The middle two pins of the USB are not used.


Step 4 Stick

I used hot melt glue to connect these parts together.



Step 5 Completed

After the DIY charger is completed, I use it to charge my HTC phone. Because it was at night, I used the desk lamp to shine on this solar charger.

You can also improve this charger to make it more beautiful and portable.

Source From:diy.elecfans
         Translated By: Utsource


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