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Homemade pump

Homemade pump

Author: Date: 07/06/2018

Today, we are going to make a pump.
Material: Several caps of different sizes, one engine, something for water wheel, wire, straw.
First, find something that can be made into a water wheel, such as this internal structure of the wheel below.

Since I chose to use the inner part, I started to remove the other part with pliers or a blade.

After cutting off the outer part, you will find a thick base. This base is very thick, so it will affect the efficiency of pumping, so use a saw blade to cut along the base and the water wheel.

After sawing, there will be a lot of irregular plastic pieces as pic shows.

Therefore, it is necessary to grind it with the sandpaper, and use a blade to trim each vane so that they are the same length, and it will not get stuck during the rotation.

Now the water wheel is ready.

Next, choose the size of the water pump, measure the diameter of the water wheel with a ruler, and find the matched bottle cap.

Because the screw thread on the cap can affect the rotation of the water wheel, it needs to be ground with a sandpaper and a blade.

Now you need to prepare to install the motor. Before installing the motor, you need to find the center point of the cap, as shown in the pic below. Blue is the outer contour of the bottle cap. First draw a straight line through the circle(orange), find the center point on this line, and cross the line to make a vertical line (pink), then find the midpoint of this line (pink) is the center of the circle (the cross on the pink line in the picture).

After finding the center of the circle, start drilling a hole. The size of the hole is determined by the motor.

Then apply a waterproof glue to the edge of the hole. Do not apply more, or the motor will not turn. Then, put the motor in.

It is better to blend the glue on the wood or iron plate before applying (I use AB glue)

After installing the motor, dry it for a few minutes and then install the water wheel. The position where the water wheel is connected to the motor shaft is also coated with a little waterproof glue.

Then, on the side of the cap, dig a small hole in the position where the water wheel is located.

Use a hard straw to make the pipe, as shown in the pic below, use a knife to cut a small gap from the side of the straw .

Then apply a waterproof glue and stick it.

Now, it is the power supply. Connect the wires to the engine and find a cap that is about the size of the engine. Drilling holes, pass the wires through, and seal them with waterproof glue.

Finally, find another cap and make a drill a hole in the middle and stick it to the bottom of the pump.

At last, the DIY water pump is ready. Below is a picture of the 3v experiment and a picture of the pump.

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