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W12NA60     TO-247   *

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David O'Rourke  PO#:UT****D34640
United Kingdom 
  • YMF262-M
  • YM3812
    I needed some more chips for my research. Utsource were cheap so I gave them a try. I was very impressed. My order was well packaged, costs were l... 
    Urban Ferenc  PO#:UT****IL4976
  • STK4050V
    Hi, I completely satisfied with the order. Unfortunately I cannot upload images, becuase the component is already integrated to my amplifier.... 
    Jose  PO#:UT****G42116
    United States 
  • 40CPQ100
  • TH20594
  • CSM5B2
  • D83-004
  • HA16630G
  • FA8141
  • 9945A
  • DG419DY
    THE PARTS ARRIVED BY ,Tracking*****: 
    Zeng Yang  PO#:UT****T31364
    United States 
  • W12NK80Z
    THE PARTS ARRIVED BY ,Tracking*****: 

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    Emanuela Fe  PO#:UT****VK8670
  • M2716AF1
    Thanks for your feedback! 
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    Noel Ellman  PO#:UT****FA6979
    South Africa 
  • MC14538BCP
    We manufacture a product that relies on the MC14538BP DIP IC. Since that IC is not made anymore, we had no luck with the other similar IC's like t... 
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